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What is PR or Page Rank

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1 What is PR or Page Rank on Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:43 am

page rank indicates how popular a website is. And, obviously, there are several factors that the search engines rely on determining the popularity of a website:

  • Contents of the website: Does your website have contents that actually motivate the visitors to stay longer on your website? If it is so, then other site owners and webmasters will be motivated to add your website's link to their sites as well; one thing leads to another. Eventually, will rank high on search engine results. Another factor regarding contents: is your content a static one? Or, do you update your website with fresh contents frequently?

  • Back links: How many websites have links that are pointing to your website? Another very important factor while determining popularity of your website. Not only the back links; do the sites with links pointing to your site have good PR?

  • While searching for contents on search engines, do people visit your website by clicking on the search results found? How frequently?

  • Do your website headers (HTML headers) contain well organized and carefully selected contents inside?
  • Do your header content and website content match? What would be the relevancy between the web header content and the website content? Do your contents from header and from website look like spam? Too many keywords stuffed? Or, they actually give a fresh and crispy impression?

  • Is the Title, Description and keywords etc. too long? Long descriptions and titles make the life of the agents (spider, robots) from search engines harder; no good.

  • Have you ever been penalized by the search engines before? Do you link to websites that are being penalized? No good!! For an example; sites containing (or, trying to spread) malicious software are strictly monitored by the search engines and are heavily penalized. If your site points to those sites, Google will take you as a participant in this bad and wrong practice, and will penalize you (your PR will be 0; and 0 forever). Be careful who you trade your link with.

  • Do you buy link space on the known link selling farms? Google knows these farms, and will penalize you (you are trying to bypass investing your effort on content!).

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