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A Few Things To Do To Fight Cancer

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1A Few Things To Do To Fight Cancer Empty A Few Things To Do To Fight Cancer Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:17 pm



Cancer is one of the most difficult illnesses to deal with. It does not discriminate with gender, age, or culture. Cancer attacks so many organs such as the lungs, bladder, ovaries, and even the prostate. If you or a loved one begins to feel run down or are frequently ill, please go see your doctor as soon as possible. Early detection can mean the difference between life and death. Ask your doctor to run the tests that find these horrible illnesses. Do not be afraid to discuss of treatments. Be proactive in the fight against illness. Make sure that you and your loved ones do not have to fight this battle alone. No one should have to suffer through stage four illnesses. You and your loved ones are not the only ones that struggle with these illnesses. Meet other survivors; let them share what they have learned through their fight.

Taking Care Of Cancer

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to take care of your health. When an illness this serious is found, doctors will generally talk to you about treatment options first. Any surgeries that need to occur likely will take place shortly afterward in a few weeks to a month. With illnesses such as breast cancer, doctors either do a lumpectomy or completely take the breast. Afterward you will likely have to take several rounds of chemo and radiation. Doctors will keep track of your blood cell count both red and white as well as the area where the cancer was. Often a doctor will suggest having the rest of your vital organs and your bones checked to make sure the cancer did not spread anywhere else before it was found. Make sure you include your family and friends in as much of the decision making as possible. Your biggest support is the ones who love you. Many people survive these illnesses every year, and with hope as well as proper treatment, you can be one of them. Know that hope is always on your side during this battle.

Supporting A Cancer Patient

The best way you can help your loved one is to be supportive if you do not have this illness. During such a trying time, relatives or friends will need you to be there to listen and comfort them. Help around their home if you have the time when they have an appointment, or you could drive them to appointments. Do not be afraid to sit down and talk to your loved one about treatments. Be an emergency contact if they need more than one. Take the initiative to research the type of cancer that your loved one has so that you know as much as they do. Participate in fundraisers if your loved one decides to do the same. Every dollar is another chance to find a cure. Try to make spending time with your loved one as fun as possible. Even though they are ill, life never has to be miserable. Cancer does not have to defeat the dreams of any person.
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