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Motivation To Lose Weight

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1Motivation To Lose Weight Empty Motivation To Lose Weight Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:14 pm



Sometimes finding the motivation to lose weight can be elusive. To look in the mirror may reflect an image that just seems too much work to shed those extra pound and it simply feels too difficult to take that first step. Inspiration and incentive are imperative to find and maintain, in order to start a weight loss regimen and achieve set goals. There are some compelling reasons to slim down while at the same time start to create an overall sense of well being.

Better health should be the first and foremost reason for finding a motivation to lose weight. Being overweight, which is measured by a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher, can be a significant risk factor for health problems such as coronary heart disease, stroke, cancers and type 2 diabetes. Obesity, which is indicated when having a BMI of 30 or higher, raises those risks considerably.

Self-Esteem Is Another Motivation To Lose Weight

Building confidence and raising self-esteem is another motivation to lose weight. As the pounds melt off, the spirit begins to rise as if it had been literally held down by the weight of those extra pounds. Maintaining the motivation to lose weight becomes easier as the pounds start to roll off and self-assurance grows.

Shedding those extra pounds can also significantly increase energy levels. Vitality and the ability to enjoy a world that once was dictated by the constant fatigue of being heavy is no longer an issue. Increased energy means being better able to take care of children and family, which is another great motivation to lose weight. Losing extra pounds allows for greater physical flexibility and abilities to keep up with family and friends. Losing the weight and keeping it off establishes a good example for children and will keep them inspired to watch their weight as well.

Maintaining The Motivation To Lose Weight

Before embarking on a goal to lose excess weight, it’s important to examine current thought processes for negative patterns that may currently be blocking the ability to maintain the motivation to lose weight. By working on purging any adverse thoughts pertaining to body image and start to work on nurturing positive thought processes will help align thoughts with desired weight goals. By generating in the mind, reasons as to why weight loss needs to happen, strong intentions will cultivate and grow and so will the motivation to lose weight. Actually seeing and believing in the mind that weight loss is indeed possible, is the path toward achieving those goals.

Creating The Motivation To Lose Weight

Start with committing to implement some small changes in the usual routine. By eating smaller helpings, snacking on veggies and slices of apple and cutting out one food item that is high in calories, is a start in creating a healthier eating routine. Do this slowly and be consistent. Celebrate such consistency with small non-food rewards such as long hot baths, a manicure or extra time with a good book. Find someone who also wishes to loose a few pounds and share both weight victories as well as the few inevitable failures that will occur along the way. Schedule walks together getting needed exercise while catching up on each others lives. Creating the motivation to lose weight is possible and probable with the right mindset and determination.
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