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Zantrex And Snooki Weight Loss

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1Zantrex And Snooki Weight Loss  Empty Zantrex And Snooki Weight Loss Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:42 am



If you’ve been following reality TV news, you should know all about the Snooki weight loss advertisement. In a new commercial for Zantrez, Snooki is shimmying around, showing off her new svelte figure. Snooki started posting pictures of her slimmer figure and the Snooki weight loss progression on Twitter in September 2011, and ever since she has been dropping more and more weight.

Snooki and her roommates from MTV’s hit reality show “Jersey Shore” have been in the public eye for some time now. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is one of the most popular cast members and has had a dedicated following since the show first aired a few years ago. This following has also been by her side during the entire Snooki weight loss process.

Zantrex And Snooki Weight Loss

Thanks to the Zantrex-3 product and the new Snooki weight loss, Snooki is now a teeny tiny 98 pound girl. Rocking a strapless mini dress, Snooki has an itsy bitsy body, toned legs and skinny arms. The reality star has not been shy about what she credits for her Snooki weight loss: Zantrex.

Zantrex-3 pills pack in green tea, caffeine, yerba mate and guarana. According to Snooki, this product amps her up to work out at the gym, helping her to burn even more calories. Unfortunately, a lot of critics don’t approve of Snooki’s quick fix for weight loss. Many specialists feel that the Zantrex-3 product is unsafe and that even more people will be at risk because of the product’s notoriety.

Snooki weight loss depended on Zantrex and the caffeine in the supplement. For most people, a moderate amount of caffeine isn’t harmful. However, older people who are at risk for heart disease can be negatively affected by caffeine, which can cause heart rhythm problems. Since Zantrex-3 is considered a supplement, it’s sold over-the-counter and does not require regulation by the Food and Drug Administration.

Snooki Weight Loss And Her Makeover

Whatever specialists have to say about Zantrex-3 and the Snooki weight loss, it seems to have worked for Snooki. On top of a slim figure, she seems healthier and happier over all. Snooki, who normally sports layers of makeup, posted a photo of herself on Twitter looking fresh-faced and makeup-less. Her fans loved the make-under, commenting that she is so naturally beautiful and looks better without layers of makeup.

Not only does “Jersey Shore” have a ton of followers, but Snooki herself has more than a million Twitter followers who read her every Tweet, including those about the Snooki weight loss. It’s easy to assume that many of her followers are women, and many women will be interested in a new way to lose weight quickly. Snooki’s reach and endorsement for the Zantrex problem is hugely influential.

Snooki Weight Loss Conclusion

Luckily for Snooki lovers, Polizzi was smart about her weight loss and didn’t depend solely on the supplement. She made sure to tell her loyal readers how much she loves working out at the gym and drinking plenty of water. While the supplement itself is up for debate, Snooki seems to be promoting a brand new healthy lifestyle. Her amazing weight loss and beautiful transformation are simply side effects of a new outlook on health and wellness. The Snooki weight loss phenomenon is influencing women in positive ways.



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